What kind of wireless router or gateway can I use with xfinity internet?

What kind of wireless router or gateway can I use with xfinity internet?
Anthony asked this question 4 years ago
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    Hello Anthony,
    Good question. Answer is pretty much any!

    You may purchase one of your own or you may rent one from Comcast.

    That is totally up to you.

    If you purchase one of your own, you have the choice of speed, price, range and if you ever decide to leave Comcast, it's your router, so you get to keep it. Routers usually range from as little as 430 new to $300 new. But you can also pick up some from eBay or any other used retailer.

    If you choose to go with Comcast, you have a few choices. If you already subscribe to telephone services, you can receive one of the new gateway routers we offer. They are called DORY. They have an N router built into them and offer 4 ethernet outputs.

    If you do not have phone services, you can simply do one of two things. You can have us install one, usually $99-$149 for the install and YOU DO NOT GET TO KEEP THE ROUTER. Or you can do a self install kit, aka SIK. and you still do not get to keep the router, but with an SIK, you can either pick it up at a local service center or call to have it shipped. the only cost would be shipping.

    When you receive the router, usually a Netgear, you can simply Google how to setup the router, which is very easy and should take less than 10 minutes.

    So it is basically your decision. If you want to keep the router, your better choice is to buy one. The cheapest, is to do a self install.

    The only routers that do not work wiht our system are routers that are offered by phone companies. Routers that have the dial-up modem built into them.

    If you have any further questions, please contact me. Have a great day
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      Sorry, I made a mistake $30-$300 for routers. The routers through Comcast are free to rent with the rental of a modem.
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    Any wirless g or n router. linksys, netgear are good models
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      The guy above is wrong with the price it not $300 new its around 40 upwards for a router
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    Well, here are your options. As far as routers go, you can use ANY router you'd like to use. There is no specific router that works better than another. The choice is yours. As far as gateways go, you can only use 1, the 1 provided by comcast. It is $10 to ship it to you and nothing more if you rent a modem from comcast. If you do not rent a modem from comcast, you will be looking at an additional $5 per month on your comcast bill. I hope this helps. If you need anything more, please let us know and if you find my answer best, please mark it so.
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    Actually the Free wireless router program is over: (www.comcast.com/wirelessrouter) but the new modems and EMTAs all have wireless gateway capabilities.
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    Everyone here has great ideas. I will simply add that any router you choose is very easy to install. Most manufacturers send an installation CD along with the router. If you run that in your machine before you hook up the router, it will guide you step by step through the installation process and get you online fairly quickly.
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    linksys routers are the easiest to install and are made by Cisco who also makes the equipment that runs the internet service. They are not that expensive and you can buy them new online for even more savings all you have to do is make sure it is a N router. With the Christmas season here many stores will have sales try best buy for a local retailer or for even more savings Walmart. One more suggestion would be to lock the router with a password so that others cannot use your service. This is most important if you live in an apartment building if you live in a house with distance between you and your neighbors you could leave it unsecure all this means is that anybody can connect to an unsecure router and only users with a password can connect to a secure router.
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