What is Comcast's headquarters phone number and address?

What is Comcast's headquarters phone number and address? Also who is the CEO of this company as I want to send them a letter. My husband and I attended a Home Show and visited the Comcast booth. After talking to a representative, and liking what he presented, we took a service order home to look it over. Next we were sent via email a Direct Sales Proposal. It did not include all the items that were presented to us, so we asked for a revised sales proposal. Again after a few days we received it, but it did not have the price that we were quoted. Again, I have called the representative, left a message with him to send another proposal, but have not heard anything back. In the meantime, our AT&T phone service has been disconnected because Comcast requested it, and had a work order to install Comcast tomorrow. (5/4/12). This was done without our authorization. I have since called Comcast and they cancelled the installation, but guess what.......We have to wait 7 to 10 days to have our phone service reinstalled. That means no land phone, and our alarm system will not work.
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    Not sure asking someone who works in comcast for the big boss number will work lol, you can email these people We_Can_Help@cable.comcast.com . They are part of corporate and help with issues..

    Ill go over the ATT issue first, when we request a number there is a waiting period in which ATT own the number still until the day of install as no one in comcast can activate it in our system, the issue is with ATT as they still have it. I have done thousands of installs for comcast and still do today with business service and thats the procedure both business and residential only that business use a different manual activation to residential automatic activation. You need to find out why ATT cancelled your number..
    If and i will say if, that number managed to slip through the hole and comcast has that number since you cancelled the install that number is now up for grabs from anyone in your area whos getting a telephone number so you may lose it, so your next option is to get on the phone with ATT and find out what happened with that number and then to comcast to find out if ATT claim they dont have it. ( i really hope you dont lose it ).

    Now the direct sales rep....
    Never i mean never deal with them, there only option is to sign you up with whatever promise they make you and they get paid once the install is done, then you never hear from them again.
    Best and safest option , go onto www.comcast.com and view the offers on there and take the one that best suits your needs, that way you get to print out the conformation and knew what YOU signed up for without any mistakes.

    Ive been doing technical work for close to 10 yrs now with comcast and seen alot of crap in the past in which the majority of it does not happen now.

    Fyi ... Remember to call both ATT first then Comcast about that telephone number before you lose it...

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    Office of the president 215-286-8960

    Nice touch Weescotsman, discrediting Direct Sales.
    i could say the same about the call center. The amount of customers I meet on a daily basis who were told one thing only to find another once their bill came in. Not to mention canceling and re-entering sales in their own rep number....... anyway back to the OP's orginal question.

    Any DSR worth his salt gives a customer his personal card with his/her cell phone number so they are contactable.
    Unfortunately marketing dictates what a Direct Sales Rep can offer from month to month, as they do the call center however DSRs have an office monitering the sales they make so they can't write a sale unless it matches that months marketing offers.

    The idea with Direct Sales is you sign on the dotted line on the day and you get whatever the rep offer you. (You have a copy of the work order which is a legal document, in case there is any miscommunications)

    But wait two weeks and call that rep back and that deal may no longer be available.

    Direct Sales have the most aggressively priced offer around. Ask about the Xfinity Preffered Plus XF Triple Play package winback deal, it's arond $50 cheaper than the call center or Comcast.com have it advertised at. It does have terms and conditions but a good DSR can explain these to you and if it's not to your liking then they'll always make you another offer. There's lot of different ones.

    If you signed a work order with a DSR and you arn't getting what you expected then the number I gave earlier will certainly give you some results. Comcast are very big on full disclosure when it comes to sales. We don't take kindly to DSRs mis-selling the product. It's not what Comcast are all about.

    Hope this helps.

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    This is a common thing with direct sales reps. they promise the world and it is never as they say. If Comcast requested a port and the install was cancelled Comcast never took possession of your number which means ATT can restore your service. This is the contact number for Brian Roberts the president of the company, 215-665-1700. THE COO IS BRIAN ROBERTS, HIS ASSISTANT IS LUCILLE FATIL. Comcastic may be a good DSR but the majority are well poor, customers come into the service center all the time because the people on the phone are mostly equal to the DSR. Believe me ATT can restore your service they are just trying to and succeeding in turning you against Comcast.

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    Bernice, I am sorry that this happened to you. I believe any manager could fix this for you, if we that promotion available in our call centers. You can contact headquarters on the internet, Comcast.com. Also you can call in and ask a rep to try and contact this outside sales rep for you. Good Luck!
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    i call bullshit. you have to go thru third party verification, they cant just take your phone number.