What do I have to do to get my DVD to play.

What do I have to do to get my DVD to play. I had my remote programmed on my one remote, so I did not have to use two remotes. I cannot get my DVD player on to play
my movies that I have. What buttons do I need to push. The power is connected and plugged into the TV. It is a new TV we got at Xmas, Westinghouse flat screen.
Thanks-Helen from Vacaville.
Helen asked this question 4 years ago
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    Hello Helen,

    I assume you have your DVD player programmed to your Comcast remote?

    If you do, press the AUX button at the top of the Comcast remote. press the power button to turn on your DVD player.

    now if your Westinghouse tv is setup to your Comcast remote, press tv and then the button under the 7. "tv/vcr " until the DVD input is selected.

    now press the AUX button again to start controlling the DVD player. now if your DVD is anything like mine, the ok button on the Comcast remote will not do anything. instead press the "play" button as an "enter/ok' button.

    at the top if the Comcast remote you will see white buttons fir reverse, play, forward, pause and stop. those will operate your DVD while watching. now in the middle of the Comcast remote you will see some white buttons in a circle, those will navigate though the DVD menu.

    if your tv is not setup to your Comcast remote,

    Press the tv button. press and hold the setup button. it will blink once then twice. now press 9-9-1 then 1. Then press power and then press the channel up button slowly till your tv turns off. then once your tv turns off press setup. that will set your Comcast remote to your tv. now press tv and power and verify if the tv turns on. repeat if it doesn't work.

    now if your DVD player is not programmed, follow the same steps as above, but instead of "9-9-1 then 1" press 9-9-1 then 2.

    I hope this helps. please contact me here for further help
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      Oh and when you're programming your DVD player to your Comcast remote, Press "AUX" instead of "TV"
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    What you should look for is a button for INPUT or SOURCE. That will change your TVs inputs. You should look to see what spot on the back of the TV your dvd player is connected to. Each connection on the back of your TV should be labled. (Video 1, video 2, hdmi, etc) hope this helps!

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    Big B is correct.
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    Go Big B lol
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    to add if we are staetimg feom scratch.
    Since this a new tv lets look at the cables.
    You should have rca whoch are white yellow or red which is usually labled video one or video . You may also have componet which is green blue red then a smaller set od red and whote. Lastly if it is a newer dvd player hdmi may be used which looks like a usb cable.
    Just match the cable feor the dvd player To thr back of the tv take note od the name of the source or input you are plugging into. Afterward on the tvs orignal remote hit source or input button until you get the coresonding input of the box or wait toggle till you see your dvd picture.