Vacation holds?

Vacation holds?
Bil asked this question 3 years ago
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    If you at requesting seasonal services, such as reduced rate to keep services on while you are away, that is an option. Your monthly fee will be around 30 dollars - month for a triple play, or 10-15 for each service but this varies by region. In order to qualify for this, you must have your services suspended for at least 90 days. A small restart fee may also apply unless you are in california. You may restArt early but it will take at least 24 hours.
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    You can get them for no more than 90 days i believe, if you have phone service it gets downgraded to local only so your alarm keeps working.
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    In Florida, it's 5.00 for basic TV service, (bulk communities are exempt from this part)
    0.00 for standard digital or DTA boxes
    2.00 for HD boxes
    5.00 for DVR
    5.00 for Internet
    10.00 for the main CDV PHone line... (secondary lines are free)
    3.95 for Enhanced Voicemail.

    You must be on Seasonal for 3 month minimum, maximum 7 months. 1 time per year only.

    The TV Will not be working while you are gone, but the phone does work (local with more... unlimited local ... out of area calls are 5 cents per min.)

    If you have the voicemail add on... you are able to continue to get voicemails via Computer at;
    The Xfinity connect app on Android or Apple Iphone
    By calling your home number, hitting # when your message hits and enter your pin number.

    It takes 3 days to change the Telephone service from Local with more to unlimited voice service, Not 24 hours... Please give as much notice as possible when returning from seasonal service.

    I hope our information helps. Let us know if there is any other info you need.
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    In Washington, Utah and Arizona, it is $5.00 for basic TV services and $10 for internet or phone. Your email will still work but there won't actually be TV, internet or phone service to the house while you are gone. You can still get voicemails by going online to and checking them there. This was originally set up for "snowbirds" and can be used by anyone planning an extended trip. Here in our area, you have to be gone a minimum of 1 month. There again, the service is only available once a year so you want to plan carefully. It is wise to call ahead to turn it back on if you are going to be home sooner than you stated when you set it up. It does take 24 hours for services to come back on.
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    Vacation holds are something that varies regionally. Your best solution is to call and speak with someone in your local customer service office @ 800-266-2278

    In areas that do vacation or seasonal holds, there is a 90 day minimum hold that is being placed. Contract promotions are also not generally used on these types of accounts.

    Services are not stopped completely, to prevent an excess of install fees to you as a customer, and service calls to Comcast as a company. Basic cable and local-only phone services are the normal expectation. Internet services can be activated remotely if phone service exists, otherwise a minimal level of internet service may also be left active. Collectively, these base level services could cost you $60 or more monthly. If you choose to disconnect any services for more extended absences, then installation may be necessary at restart. This can also mean different email address and/or phone number.

    As a customer, you need to weigh your options when making this move. How long are you away? If this is the vacation (or secondary) home, how often do you visit?

    I hope this was of some help to you.