The link light on modem is blinking what do that mean?

The link light on modem is blinking what do that mean?
Sharon asked this question 4 years ago
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    Hello Sharon,

    Mostly everybody is incorrect. The link light is only on when you have a device connected to your modem and that device is powered on. It doesn't mean anything else. All it is telling you is, I am connected to something via Ethernet and that device is powered on. Whether its a router, computer, PS3, xbox or anything else that may connect to the internet via Ethernet. It doesn't necessarily mean you have internet on that device, just means its connected.

    I assume you have an EMTA. This provides internet and phone.

    I hope this helps.

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    Link is indicating you are recieving data from internet. This should blink if you have internet.

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    you have lost signal to your modem. depending on which lights are blinking? is it the Cable light? if it is the PC light, that will blink when there is activity on your modem between your PC and your modem. Try unplugging your modem for a couple of minutes and then plug it back in. it will cycle through the lights as it syncs up with everything. if the cable light is still blinking, check to see if you have video services, if you have video services along with your modem service. Make sure you don't have a "stand-by" switch that may have been pressed? i take it your internet service is not working? if not, try what isuggested above. if that still does not work, call into 800-Comcast, and schedule a service call to have the issue checked out. They will also walk you thru troubleshooting steps and be able to verify if there is a problem with your modem. if this answer solves your problem, please rate me accordingly. Good luck.
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      Depedning on what kind of modem you have, the link light indicates you have a Connection or "link" between your modem and PC. that will blink when there is activity on your PC and they are communicating between each other. if you internet service is still working, it is fine, and you should expect to see that blink, whenever you have activity. Just saw the comment you had in your question about the link.
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    A flashing link light indicates the modem is transferring data. This does not indicate a issue with you connection.
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    The link light is the activity between your modem and computer. It will blink whenever your router or computer are powered on. This is normal.
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    This simply means that whatever light is blinking that you are using this service. In other words if you are using the internet, the internet light would be blinking. If you are using the phone the phone light would be blinking.
    I hope this makes sense and is easy for you to understand :)
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    Master Kable has given you the best answer. The flashing link light simply means that you are receiving data from the internet. No concern needed.
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    The link light should be steady green: unplug the line from the computer to the modem/emta. plug it back in.
    If the line is between the router and the Emta/modem... unplug that line, and plug it in.
    Should be fine
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    Thanks Big B , glad someone got it right ,
    As long as the link light is on your good with the connection from the modem to whichever device you connect to it , if theres NO link light then you will recieve no connection thru that modem ,
    Are you having any kind of issue or is this just a curiosity question about the link light ...

    Mog_ur - what are you even talking about ?????
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    Usually, if you have an internet connection, the link light will flash; however, it can also flash when your home network (router and modem) have a connection but it is not letting you online. If you are having an issue getting online, I would strongly suggest unplugging the power to both the modem and the router. Plug the modem back in and let it boot up completely before plugging the router in. Once they are both back up, you can try and get online.