Slow internet connection.

Slow internet connection. Any ideas? Problem is fairly recent. No changes in router. Have tried recycling router. Thats does not help. Problem is not inside my network. I've checked the speed and its acceptable.
Richard asked this question 4 years ago
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    Whats the speed your getting, is it a particular website or a few, do you know your signal levels, is your router on the latest firmware, need more info on this problem
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    One thing you can try is to go into the browser's Tools, Options and clear the cache and cookies. If there are too many temporary internet files out there, it can clutter up the browser so it crawls along. Also, depending on which security system you are usung, some can be more finicky than others. Norton is a good example. If it is not adjusted just right, it will cause the browser to move slowly or not at all. You might try temporarily disabling it and then re-enabling it and see how it does. I use AVG Free and the windows firewall only and it works really well for me.
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    Reboot the entire system from entry point to all computer/machines.
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    Hello Richard,

    You say your internet connection is slow, but your speeds are fine.

    Do you mean that it takes a while before your laptop/desktop connects to the internet?

    If so, you may need to reset all your devices. Computer, router and modem. If you have phone srvice with us, you will need to reset the EMTA by using a pin in the little hole in the rear of the EMTA.

    If you are having speed issues, you may want to try looking at

    and try averaging the speeds.

    If you are receiving less than what you are paying for, then you can call and ask the rep to check your signals. the forward signal needs to be between -8 and 8db and the return signal needs to be below 53db.

    If these specs are out of range, then you need a technician to come out.

    if you have a router that is on top of or next to the modem, try moving them at least 3 feet away from each other.

    Also, make sure that you select a channel in your router instead of on auto. If you use auto, it can share the same frequency as cordless phones in your home.

    Now did you just reset your router or did you manufacture reset your router>

    If you manufacture reset your router, that can oftn fix small issues. Then make sure to go back in and rebuild your network and set the channel to 8 or 9 and not auto

    I hope this helps.