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    What kind of box do you have? Should be a model number on front.
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    first check your tv is not on mute,
    then check your cable box is not on mute

    If your cable remote is programmed on your tv then do the following
    Press tv then press mute , if it works then cool
    press cable then press mute
    press cable then press menu 2 times ,
    then go to configuration
    press audio
    make sure prefered audio is default
    and optimise stereo is pressed it should go to stereo

    If all them fail are you on component or rca cables .
    Make sure that the red and white is connected to the box correctly there your audio.

    If that fails then connect a dvd or something to your tv and make sure its not the tv if it is do not make a service call as you will be billed and you need to get your tv fixed.
    If the sound works then either make a call to swap out the box or go swap one out at your closest service office.

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    Make sure the box and the tv are not on mute. Just hit tv then mute and tgen hut cable and mute. If this doesnt help make sure all cables from box to tv are pluggedin. For example the red and white rca cables. You can also check your stero system if you have one. Maybe the input is on .The wrong selection or just not on.
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    If you are using one of the small DTA (Digital Transport Adaptors) and a small black remote, there is a lang button on it that you need to push. It is for instances where a station is simulcasting in another language (usually Spanish). If the station is not simulcasting, then there won't be any sound. It is an easy button to push by accident. I would not have designed the remote like that. I hope this helps.
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    wescottsman is almost 100 percent correct.

    If you are using an HDMI cord... make sure the HDMI audio is set to ON
    Hit Menu ,
    Go to Main Menu
    hit Ok
    Go to Setup
    Audio Setup
    then hit Select to optimize

    That should work
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    This expert is helping you out because there weren't many active Comcast experts.

    are you using your tv speakers or a receiver?
    when was the last time you had picture and sound?
    what type of cable is being used to connect the box to the tv?