my phone land line is not working can i get help

my phone land line is not working can i get help
mary asked this question 3 years ago
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    Hello Mary,

    Do you have internet with us?Does it still work? If you do not,and the lights are on the modem are off, please make sure that the power cord for the modem is plugged in. Sometimes people unplug it and not realize it, because the modem has a battery for backup. If the power cord is plugged in, verify if it's on a switched or non-switched outlet. It needs to be on a non-switched outlet. Try using a different electrical outlet. If after you've tried different outlets and the lights still do not turn on, your modem may have burned out. Please call 1-800-266-2278 to have a technician swap the modem. It should be a free service call if the modem is dead. If the lights on the modem are on AND blinking, make sure only certain lights are blinking. If you have internet with us and your computer is turned on or you have a router plugged into the mode, the Link light will blink. Now if you do not have internet with us or your computer is turned off, nothing should be blinking. If the Line 1 light is blinking AND nobody is using the phone, then something is taking the dial tone. Try these trouble shooting tips: On the back of the modem, you will see two identical phone outlets. The one on the left should be Line 1/2. Unplug the phone wire from that outlet. If the light stops blinking, then something in your home is taking the dial tone. Plug the wire back into the back of the modem into Line 1/2. If you have a fax machine, please unplug it. If the blinking stops, that's your problem. Please make sure that you have a single line phone cord plugged into the fax. that will resolve that issue. If it does not stop blinking, continue around your home unplugging the phones and periodically go to the modem and check to see if the light continues to blink. If it stops, that last phone you unplugged was the problem. If you unplug all the phones and the Line 1 light is still blinking, you may still be conntected to your local phone company. If you know somebody that is handy, you can go outside to where the local phone is connected and have them open the customer side of the grey box and unplug the phone jack. If after you do that and the Line 1 light still blinks, you made need to call a qualified technician or ud to resolve the phone wires in your home. Now if ALL the lights on your modem are blinking, that definetely means you have a short. Unplug the phone wire from the rear of the modem and stick a pen in the small hole in the back of the modem. This will reset your modem. Now instead of unplugging the phones one by one in order, start with them all unplugged. fter the modem goes back online, plug in the wire into the Line 1/2 port on the rear of the modem and one by one, go around your home pluggging in the phones. The phone that causes all the lights on the modem to blink, that is the problem phone. Also, follow the same steps as I described above for the outside box. Next, if everything on the modem looks normal and you do not have internet with us, make sure the phone wire is correctly plugged into the rear of the modem. Some people plug the phone wire into the Line 2 port or the ethernet port. Make sure it's into the Line 1 port. I hope this helps. Please contact me if you need more assistance.

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    If this is a Comcast phone line, then use your cell phone to call 800-266-2278 to report the outage. Comcast will have a tech to your home w/in 48hrs if they cannot restore service over the phone.

    Alternatively, you can chat witha live rep at, but they will not be able to troubleshoot as effectively since your internet and phone service are tied through the same modem.
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    You have the webchat option as stated above... Also in the back of the phone modem there is a reset button, hold it for a few seconds and let it power back up.

    If you have a cell phone then calling 18002662278 and request a tech out. It may or may not be outage related.