I'm currently subscribed to the Xfinity HD Premier XF bundle and would like to find ways to lower...

I'm currently subscribed to the Xfinity HD Premier XF bundle and would like to find ways to lower my monthly bill. We pay $174.99 for HD Premier XF, $9.25 HD technology fee (preferred service additional outlet) a $7 modem lease fee and misc taxes. We'd like to keep HBO and Showtime.
David asked this question 4 years ago
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    Umm, I work in retention and the triple play he has is a 3 year/3tier promotion. The first year is 159.99 (I believe that has gone up 5.00 in early Feb), Second year is what you are currently paying, and then the 3rd year is regular rate of approx 199.99 per month. Being that you want to keep your HBO/SHO, you are absolutely NOT better off downgrading to a lower package. True, you can buy your own EMTA (modem), however we are not in ANY WAY to advise you what this would cost you. Additionally, if something goes wrong with it, you are responsible to get it fixed or get a new one. I work for the company and I have a "leased" modem. My best advice is to call the retention department and see if we can get you back on the 159.99 pkg. This package includes all premium channels, all the other channels we offer, the sports package/16 mg internet for faster speeds for gaming or streaming video, unltd local and long distance phone with 14 calling features including caller id on tv and text with our mobile app. You get Norton security for free as well.
    I hope this helps.
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    • David
      Thanks for the help!
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    Hello David,

    The easiest thing you can do right now, is purchase a modem. They typically run $50-100. If you continue to rent a modem , you'll pay $84 a year for it.

    Next thing you'll wanna do is call the retention department and see what they can do. Maybe you're,paying for HD service on non HD outlets. Or you're paying for broadcast channels you don't watch. They can put together an a la carte package for you. Let them know you didn't expect your bill to be so high. See if they can add your movie channels as a 3 month promotion for free.

    If you don't have phone service with us, sometimes that lowers the bill by adding that.

    Other than that, there's not much else.

    I hope this helps.
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    Consider upgrading to Digital Premier tripleplay:
    Currently the promotion is 159.99 in my area
    It includes 1 HD/DVR
    16mb CHSI internet service.\
    HBO SHowtime Starz and Cinemax, along with the Sports entertainment tier
    CDV (Comcast digital voice home phone service.)
    The HD technology fee is the same price, as is the leased EMTA (Modem)
    Look for a Wireless Gateway at one of the Best Buy, or Brandsmart locations near you with an XFINITY table. It has a wireless router built in.

    When you call in to Comcast... Let them know you are only interested if you can qualify for this offer.. It will reduce your bill for a year.

    If not... talk to a retention agent.
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      oops... the promo is for 12 months... after that the price does go up.

      Good luck
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    Your best bet would be to downgrade to a lower HD package and still keep the premium stations, Are you a new customer or a current one, Retention Dept would be your bestt bet , let them know you are thinking about moving to Dish / Direct tv and can they do you a special
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    I agree with Retention Queen. I also am an employee and have leased equipment, including an HD DVR and I know this can definitely drive the costs of your bill up; however, should anything go wrong with any of the pieces of equipment you have from Comcast, they replace them without question.

    Of course you are the only one who is familiar with what you like to watch. There are some lesser packages out there for sure, but in the long run, the package you have is a great deal for what you are getting and you have the freedom to watch any of it when you want. We can always try to tailor a package around your viewing needs and wishes and if the package you are in has too much in it that you will never watch, we can always see if there is something more to your liking. A good way to start this process is to make a list of the shows and channels you watch the most. If there are any "series" that are on that you like, etc. Then give Comcast a call with your list and see what we can do to accommodate you. I hope this helps as well.
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    Yes, Retention Queen has provided you with the best and most accurate information. However, you should be able to purchase your modem/emta device as Big B stated, but the price is incorrect. You will need to shop around for that device to get the best/cheapest price. It isn't $50-$100.