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I went to change the channel using the cable remote and the tv went blank.

I went to change the channel using the cable remote and the tv went blank. The data/hd/remote light went out on my cable box. The TV channel was never changed and the TV remove was never touched. Now, the only light that is on the cable box is the power light. I've unplugged it for a while and turned it back on, unplugged it from the TV, etc, but it won't change. Nothing shows up on the TV, either, since there is no signal. I'd love to not have to call Comcast... any ideas?
Laura asked this question 2 years ago
  • Mr Xfinity


    Can u change the input on the tv to hdmi or component. It sounds like u have a hd cable box


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    • Mr Xfinity

      Sometimes if u hit channel on our remote and its on the tv setting it changes the channel on ur tv from the hidef input to a channel
    • Laura

      Lol ridiculous. Thank you. I changed it to the component and it worked. Odd, since I never had to do that before. But now the color is totally screwed up...... Green and purple hues. Any ideas to that problem?
    • Laura

      Great.... I unplugged the component cables from the TV, thinking that may reset it, and now the component setting does not show up in the different inputs.
    • Mr Xfinity

      No prob glad to help. Just follow the colors the red and white inputs are for audio. And the red blue and green are for color
    • Mr Xfinity

      If ur colors are off on tv u put the colors into tv or the box wrong check them again
    • Laura

      I gave it 10 minutes... changed the input back to TV and now everything is back to normal. So odd. Thanks, again! :)
    • Mr Xfinity

      Np laura have a good night