I want to completely disable the voice mail feature.

I want to completely disable the voice mail feature. I much prefer my answering machine. How do I get rid of the entire voice mail feature?
I have the triple play package.
pederann asked this question 4 years ago
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    Call into 18002662278 and ask the service agent to disable it off your account , and set the ringer higher than what your answering machine answers just now

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    Only one way to disable your voicemail and that is to call Comcast and tell them what you want.and they can quickly do that for you. However, you may want to consider setting your answering machine ringtone pick up for 4 and your voicemail pick up at 6 then if you are on a phone call your incoming caller can still leave a message for you on your voicemail. You can not do that with an answering machine. But obviously this is your choice.
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    The process will take 3 days: tell the agent at comcast you'd like to disable voice mail.
    Clean out your current box... set it to 9 rings so it doesn't activate before your voicemail does on your answering machine.

    Be prepared to erase any other messages that come in before this takes place.

    Remember, Voicemail isn't only held on your home phone, and will work even if the power goes out. There are many reasons to consider keeping it active:

    You can pickup voice mails many different ways... and it works even if you are already on the line with someone else.

    You can listen to voicemail through the computer, From the home phone, with the Xfinity mobile app on android, and Iphone...

    Voicemails can also be sent via text message... (you can read the text of what people say on your cell or computer)

    You can download voicemails to your computer to play at a later time.

    Check the feature list at comcast.com/digitalvoice for more info.

    Good luck
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    Note: if you do have the voicemail feature removed from your account, the ability to get your messages via text message, email or through your phone does not work. If you wish to use an answering machine instead of the voicemail, that is just fine. It does not reduce your bill though (just in case you were wondering). The nice thing about an answering machine, you can screen the calls before you answer them. Unfortunately, we have no way to do that with voicemail at this time.