I need to buy a dory modem?

I need to buy a dory modem? WHERE?

best buy is OUT
diane asked this question 3 years ago
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    You do not need to buy a dory modem. You can purchase ANY modem for internet service. You can also rent a modem from Comcast for $7 per month.

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      So basically I wasn't told the truth that I could ONLY use a dory moden with the Comcast system. I knowit's only $7/month, but after a year you could own one and never pay that fee again. What other brands are compatible?

      You were so helpful. THANKS!
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      The one that I like the most is Motorola. This is my personal preference. You can get any other type of cable modem. Here is the link to see all approved cable modems. http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/in...

      Have a great day. If you need anything else, just seek me out. I can give you my personal email address as well.
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    Dorys are not for sale anywhere, you can purchase an Arris emta or a motorola surfboard modem from best buy, the emtas are only at certain locations


    Go to that forum they have a link to all the best buy locations that have a Comcast connection center. Its a downloadable pdf file.

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    This expert is helping you out because there weren't many active Comcast experts.

    i hate those things anyways. are they easy to manage? yes. are there better options? YES

    and get a seperate wireless router.
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      here is this


      the "dory" (god i freakin hate that name) is number 5,6,7,8,58. i looked around for a bit but didnt find one being sold.

      make sure and get the service or replacement plan if you buy a device from a retailer
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    The modem you choose is up to you, Diane, but Comcast doesn't require a specific brand of modem for their internet service. I am sure you are aware that you can rent one from Comcast. It is $7/mo. That works out to be $84 a year. That's roughly what you will spend on a dependable modem (excluding router) that is worth what you spend on it. That's about half the cost of an equally dependable wireless router.

    Here's the difference. Whether next month, or 2 years down thre road, when the modem stops working the way it should, Comcast will replace the modem at no charge. If you buy your own, then you'll spend that amount, or more, to replace it. You many not always have $84 (or more) lying around, but the extra $7 on your bill isn't too difficult to budget.
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    I don't believe we are renting them currently, if we are you would have to a tech come out and install it (fee based). Please check with our internet department at 1-800-COMCAST to be certain. Once best buy continues to stock them you can return ours. Try Tiger Direct.
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    Purchasing a DORY modem is not necessary, as any standard DOCSIS 2.0 or higher (I suggest buying a DOCSIS 3.0 as the 2.0 will be obsolete soon.) but it is the most practical, as it is a single device which uses less space as a side car router is not required. These and stardard modems can be purchased at Best Buy in store & online, Amazon.com & sometimes Sam's club & Cosco has them in stock