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I keep getting error 14,when i try to open xfinity.

I keep getting error 14,when i try to open xfinity. how do i fix this?
justine asked this question 3 years ago
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    9 times out of 10 that's only fixed with a tech coming out to ur house. Its a bad signal getting to the box. Could b a bad cable line or splittler. Or could b bad signal from the tap where your signal starts. You need to call 1800 comcast and get someone to come find out where ur problem is and fix it.
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    Mr. Xfinity is correct. This is a signal issue and can only be resolved by a tech coming to your home. Please call 18002662278, follow the prompts for problems with your cable TV service and request a tech.
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    Error 14 means the box doesn't have a IP address.
    What level of service do you subscribe too?
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