I have the small black cable box.

I have the small black cable box from Comcast(Xfinity or whatever) I just rearranged my room and now my remote wont turn the box on. Instead, it turns the TV on and off. How do I turn the little box back on?
Jacob asked this question 4 years ago
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    You have to call to get the little black box (DTA) reactivated. The repair department at comcast is open 24hours a day to assist you. Tell them your DTA needs a signal sent because you moved it. 1-800-COMCAST and follow the prompts for the repair department. I hope this helps...RQ
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    the dta does not turn off. It is the one with the green if that is tge one you have make sure you have the power cord plugged into right hole in back some times power plug can accidently go into the sensor hole
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    Another thing you might try is to press the info button for approximately 5 seconds. When the diagnostic screen comes up, quickly press 1,3,7,9 in that order. It might just reset the DTA and allow it to connect. If it doesn't work, you can still call Comcast to activate it. If the diagnostic screen doesn't go away on its own, you can hit info again and it will go away.
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    When your tv is on, what does it say on the screen, you sure your on the correct channel,
    If you have a dta box they dont turn off only the tv.