I am receiving mail delivery system notifications- failure notice on comcast email to people i...

I am receiving mail delivery system notifications- failure notice on comcast email to people i have not sent emails to. Approximately 10-15 per day. How do i stop this?
Dale asked this question 4 years ago
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    I suspect someone has hacked your password somehow and been sending bot emails using your PC as a host. try changing your password for your email account. using a stronger password with both upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters as well. #,!, or @. that stopped my problem when it happend to me.

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    Captain Video is correct, changing your password AND you secret question will help ensure that you email account is secure.
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    Also, be sure and delete any and all related emails from inbox and the deleted folder and delete any and all emails that do not have a subject line in them. You want them totally off the computer.
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    Download a firewall or service like spybot you can use trend micro housecall an internet based antivirus sweep to eliminate any of the files that may be a virus or phishing. Personally I use AVG free edition for antivirus which I suggest after using housecall. I also use CCleaner and clean the files and registry every other day to keep the computer clean.
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    This is either their error or you have the wrong email address. Check with the receipteint to see if you have the correct email address or if their server is down.
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    How many emails do you have with comcast , are they all doing the same or just the one, You could try as mentioned above by changing the password and security question , Also look in your Drafts folder and make sure that there is no emails in there trying to send something...