How much is the cost for one month vacation hold?

How much is the cost for one month vacation hold?
Mathew asked this question 4 years ago
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    The minimum to got on hold (seasonal) is 3 months. There's no vacation option. Just return your equipment if you really want to save a months subscription. Hey you might even get a new promo when you return.
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    Is not too expensive, I think around $5 for the boxes $5 for internet and phone, if you have phone service it doesnt go on hold its still used for the alarm service.
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    In the Heartland Region its $10 per month per service. But there is also a 3 month minimum in our area as well.
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    There isn't a minimum, per se, for a "vacation hold" on services. Ultimately, this term simply means downgrading to minimal service for a set period of time. Since you are asking specifically about a single month, let me address that specifically.

    In downgrading to a vacation hold status, you pay a monthly fee for limited basic video service (around $20/mo) plus a fee for additional rooms (about $2.50/mo each). There is not a downgraded service for your internet or phone services, so they would stay as-is or be disconnected for the time frame. In any case, a trap or filter of sorts may be required on the line outside your home to prevent "additional" services from being accessible, which means a charge for the technician that will install said filter. Once you are ready for services to resume, another tech visit is required to remove the filter and guarantee former services are in proper working order. Any change of service comes with a charge, and since you are technically installing services at this point, the fees are larger than a $15 change of service fee.

    Ultimately, for a single month of service, it is far less hassle (and probably a minimal difference in cost) to leave services as they stand. If you are not under a service agreement, then you may be able to lower your video services (depending on your current package) to Digital Starter, which requires no technician visit, which will instantly drop channels for the time being and prorate your bill down. If you are paying extra for a faster internet connection (50Kbps, for example), then lowering that to the base level (22Kbps) will also save you some money.

    Long story short (too late, I know), a seasonal or vacation hold is more hassle than it is worth for only one month. Call 200-266-2278 and speak to a service rep about your current package. They can help you crunch the numbers far better than we can from this end.
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      Terms and conditions vary by Comcast region of service. We represent sever different markets here. I worked in CA. Scotsman gave you a link for FL. Call your customer service for specifics in the area you live.

      Best of Luck!
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    Unfortunately in your case hold on accounts are a 3 month minimum. Like others have said you can:
    A) Disconnect all services for the time you are gone. This will cost you $0.
    B) Downgrade your service to the lowest packages while you are away. This will cost approx ($20tv+$20internet+$15phone=$55) if you have all three services.
    If you are not locked into a bundle i recommend disconnecting and turning everything in when you leave. As soon as your account is closed simply call in and set up a new installation for the day/day after you return.
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    Seasonal hold is based on your billing cycle, not by the month, so it wouldn't be from the first of the month to the last day of the month, unless that is your billing cycle. Whatever products you have, must go on seasaonl, its all or nothing, The cost would be 7.00 for the internet and cable and 10.00 for the phone. If you have all 3. If you only have Internet the price would be 14,00, and remember that is per billing period, not per month, so you will be prorated. I hope this helpls,