"digital channel signal strength is low"

"digital channel signal strength is low" what does that mean?

My tv says "digital channel signal strength is low" when i turn it on. I don't get any cable connection and i was just watching it two hours ago. What happened?
Olivia asked this question 4 years ago
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    So im guessing you just have the basic tv cause if you had a box it would say One Moment Please. Are you on a higher channels anything over 30 you should not get if you have no box. Or you may have an outage in your area , Do you have this issue just on that tv , how are your other tvs.
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    It sounds as though you have no box or if you do, it's not connected properly. Please check all of your connections/fittings and make sure they are finger tight or you can call 18002662278 and schedule for a tech to come out.
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    While this message does appear that it is signal related, it does not sound like a message a cable box would get but more a message that a digital ready TV would get. If you are connecting your TV direct to a cable outlet without a cable receiver from Comcast and the outlet is active then you will only have channels 2-29.

    However, if you have a receiver from Comcast then it may be hooked up incorrectly or there could be some trouble with possible transmission from the satellites to Comcast so please call us to help you narrow it down. We're available 24/7 to assist you.

    Feel free to message me privately if you'd like any other information or call us at 800-266-2278.

    Have a great week and please remember to mark my answer as helpful if you believe it was. :)
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