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Did the channel lineup for Digital Economy change in the last year (2012)?

Did the channel lineup for Digital Economy change in the last year (2012)? When I signed up for Comcast in July 2012 I had chose the Blast! Plus package because the channel lineup on their website said it had channels such as TLC, SYFY, and Travel. In December I lost all those channels and was told I NEVER HAD THEM.
Laura asked this question 1 year ago
  • Accepted answer

    The channels you are mentioning sound like they should be included in your package. This information is not given out too often but try the corporate number here:

    Comcast Corporation
    1500 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102-2148
    Tel: (215) 665-1700

    Let me know if this helps or if I may be of further assistance Laura. :)

  • FL Tech

    Cable guy

    Sounds like you may have been on a promotion that ended. May want to go to your local office and talk to someone face to face and see what they could work out for you there.


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    • Laura

      I filed a complaint with the BBB at the corporate level, the Regional Mgr said that I never had those channels. Which is absolutely amazing when I watched a full season of Lost Girl & Being Human on SyFy. I will try talking to the local office though.
    • FL Tech

      Ya that makes no sense. Ive seen that happen before and people were told the samr as you. But once you actually get someone to dig a little into your account they can find the reason behind all the confusion
  • ohcheap1

    Im the one who gets it done.

    Those stations have never been included in the economy package. My guess is your account was audited and when they saw that you were getting channels that you were not paying for (they will not charge you for an error on our part) they did what was called "mapping" on your cable box so that now you are getting the channels that you are paying for. I genuinely dont think there is anything that you will be able to do about trying to get channels back that you shouldnt have had to begin with. Good Luck!!

    • Laura

      My problem is with what I originally viewed on the Comcast website when I looked at the channel lineup for my package. I chose it because it had those channels I'm now missing. I wouldn't have chose that package if it didn't "show" that the channels I liked and wanted weren't on it. There is where my dilemma lies. What I saw and what I got (in the end) were two different things.
    • Laura

      I do understand that according to the channel lineup for Digital Economy those channels are not included as I look at the line up today. But when I was comparing DirecTV & Comcast before I had either service I chose Comcast based on something that was listed that is apparently another channel line up. So my question is what lineups were shown on the website last year in July?
    • ohcheap1

      Im taking a stab in the dark here Laura because I dont know that much about internet marketing. I DO however know that Comcast allows many third party vendors to market our services as their own so they can profit from it (cheap advertising I guess). These vendors are repeatedly causing issues for those of us that work in the comcast call centers because we have NO access to any of the things they are advertising, literally clueless. My first thought is you possibly set up your package with one of these vendors and it was misrepresented? I wish I could thoroughly answer your question but there are so many ?'s I would need to ask in order to do it. Hopefully this might ring a bell.
    • Laura

      No I set it all up online. That is where I found and chose the channel line up. Though when I look at it now the only 3 line ups don't even include Digital Economy. It only shows Digital Starter and above. That is where I feel like they misrepresented their service.
  • Big B

    CDV is my specialty

    Hello Laura,

    I am sorry that you have had this issue, but this is right from the terms and agreements that all customers agree to:

    Subject to applicable law, we have the right to change our Service(s), Xfinity Equipment and rates or charges, at any time with or without notice. We also may rearrange, delete, add to, or otherwise change programming or features or offerings contained in the Service(s), including, but not limited to, content, functionality, hours of availability, customer equipment requirements, speed, and upstream and downstream rate limitations. If we do give you notice, it may be provided on your monthly bill, as a bill insert, email, in a newspaper or other communication permitted under applicable law. If you find a change in the Service(s) unacceptable, you have the right to cancel your Service(s). However, if you continue to receive Service(s) after the change, this will constitute your acceptance of the change.

    Here is the website:

    and this one,