Can't connect via my xfinity wifi to the Internet.

Can't connect via my xfinity wifi to the Internet. I've rebooted my laptop. I also restarted the modem & the router. There were no problems last time I tries which was about 24hrs ago. Any help is appreciated. Btw, Comcast customer service is closed right now.
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    This expert is helping you out because there weren't many active Comcast experts.

    does it work wirelessly anywhere else?

    1)is this the only computer you have that is wireless?
    yes?next question
    no? if the others work, you have a hardware or software problem with your laptop. if not proceed to troubleshooting
    2) do you have a wired computer?
    yes? next question
    no?proceed to troubleshooting
    3) does it connect?
    yes? you have a hardware or software problem with your laptop
    no? proceed to troubleshooting

    unplug the power to the modem. unplug the power to the router. unplug the ethernet cord from the WAN on the wireless router. connect the ethernet cord to your laptop and plug the power back in to the modem. see if you have internet once its fully initialized.

    yes? proceed to instructions below
    no? you need to have us come replace the modem or you can pick one up yourself if you are comfortable with activating it.

    unplug the power to the modem. connect the ethernet cord back to the WAN on the wireless router. plug the power back into the modem. wait until its fully initialized. plug the power back into the router. wait until it initializes and joins your computer to the network. see if you can get to the internet. if you are connected to YOUR network and still no internet, the router is bad, if its yours, replace it. if its ours, call us to replace it.
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    By the time you're reading this, customer service will be open again.

    Though a bit muddled, Chicken's steps are good for solo troubleshooting. Obviously you have some internet since you're online posting the question.

    Did you connect your laptop to another network, possibly wired? Sometimes that can mess things up for your wireless, as the laptop looks for the wired connection instead.

    Short version of Chicken's post:

    - right click on your connection (by the clock on bottom right of screen) and select OPEN. If you see an active connection to the router (no X between house and PC), then router is talking to laptop.

    - if your desktop is online, but your laptop is not, then you have a wireless signal problem, so router will need replacing.

    - bypass router to confirm internet connection works (modem restart required)

    Call customer service in the morning to have them diagnose the modem signal, just to be sure.
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    What kind of wireless device do you have

    The dory
    Wireless router ( netgear )
    Wireless 2 go