Can a contract with Comcast be cancelled without penalty

Can a contract with Comcast be cancelled without penalty
Robert asked this question 4 years ago
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    Sorry, but the guys above me are usually right on point, but this time they are slightly both off. Comcast started offering residential subs service agreements (contracts) to secure their pricing. Terms come in 1yr, 2yr, and 3yr terms. There are a few ways to get your ETF ( early termination fee) credited it back to you. The most common ways are military deployment as mentioned above, but also it will be waived if you move and you're outside of our service area. Also if you have repeated service issues we ask that you give us 3 times to fix the same problem, and if on the fourth time it's still not fixed then we credit the ETF. Last way that comes to mind is if the account holder passes away. In all cases proof of what you're stating is required, and the easiest way to get your fees refunded is to walk in to your local service center with your proof.

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    There is no contract for residential, only business accounts have contracts
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    There were some contracts that were a guaranteed price for 2 years. If that is what you are speaking of, the only way to cancel them is if you are being deployed in the service (we need a copy of the deployment papers), are moving within Comcast service area and are taking out Comcast services there, or are upgrading to a larger package with Comcast. Those are the only times you can cancel without a penalty. Most plans do not carry a contract. It would be best to call 1-800-comcast and have them pull up your account to see what you have. I hope this information has been helpful.
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    The last way is when the price changes... once the notices come out... by law you have 30 days to exit your contract without a penalty ...

    this doesn't include special offers such as gift cards... and specialty promotional items such as Ipods, laptops etc. you would still pay the value back... but you can exit without the ETF.
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    Hi Robert!

    Today you'll want to follow Anonymous Comcast Insider's advice. Unless any of his reasons for cancelling a contract are valid, they will not credit back early termination fees as your consent to the contract was the reason you got lower pricing.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or call us at 800-266-2278.