Why do I have to get an identification code # everytime I try to log into my accounts?

Why do I have to get an identification code # everytime I try to log into my accounts? It very seldom has happened before. Its agrivating!
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Larry asked this question 3 years ago
  • Q: What operating system and browser are you using? Have you recently updated your computer?

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    Usually ID Codes are required when you are using a new device, you change your browser, or upgrade your operating system, it is strange that it would ask for one every time you log in. Do you have privacy settings? Like anonymous browsing or IP Masking? That could be a reason. Basically every time you try to log in chase.com does not recognize your IP as a returning user and asks for a code. I would call 1-800-935-9935 and have them transfer your to Online Banking Customer Support, that way they can fix the issue with you on the phone and they can guide you through.
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      nothing has changed on my system. I shouldn't have to call to fix this. Your system should recognize the computer. Your system was down last week and thats when the problem started.
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    I'm actually an Online Tech Support Specialist, IP addresses are irrelevant. per OCC requirements financials institutions are required to use some form of MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) Chase.com uses a Secure Cookie Technology to complete this requirement. You may want to check if you are using Internet Explorer > Internet Options > General > You want to ensure that the checkbox for Delete Browsing History Upon Exit is UNSELECTED. As well as Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced > Override Automatic Cookie Handling > Enable 1st Party, 3rd Party and Session Cookies. If you are not using Internet Explorer let me know what browser is being used and id be happy to troubleshoot further for you.