Why do you pay post dated personal checks?

Why do you pay post dated personal checks??
Steven asked this question 3 years ago
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    Post dating checks has not been a practice honored by major banks for quite a number of years. Regulatory changes require that any check issued for payment must be considered as payment at the time of issuance. Businesses are not required to hold these checks, even should their representatives state they will be held and banks are required to honor items at the time they are presented.
    I have heard some associated tell customers it is illegal to issue post-dated checks. While this is technically incorrect, the practice of post dating checks is definitely not honored anymore. I'm afraid those days have been gone for quite some time.
    I hope this has helped in some way.
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      I 'm planning to quit Bank of America soon. If they don't trust me,my wiches as a custumer to honor my post dated checks, I think i'll be better off dealing with other Bank. Thank you Steven F Arjona.
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      I certainly support your decision to bank where you feel most comfortable, Steven. I will, however, encourage you to pose your question about post dating checks to any banks you consider moving to. Since it isn't a matter of trusting customers or of not wanting to honor customer requests, it's important that you confirm with any other bank if they will or will not honor the post dating practice.
      As I mentioned, this practice is no longer supported by all major banks. While I appreciate that it can cause incredible inconvenience for banking customers, my function here at Insidr is to answer questions to the best of my ability. I don't speak for Bank of America here; I just share what I know to be current practices. I sincerely hope that you find a bank that is a good fit for you.
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