who to contact at BOA to negotiate payoff and closure of all three of credit cards and close my...

who to contact at BOA to negotiate payoff and closure of all three of credit cards and close my checking account after 23 years. Seems I can only talk to the min wage people who are neither knowledgeable or have any authority..
Mike asked this question 4 years ago
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    I'm assuming you've only talked to people on the phone. I would strongly sugesst going into a banking center to close your accounts. There are bankers in every location that can do that for you. You can also make payments on principle for your credit cards in the banking center. If you need to neogtiate something on your credit cards, that actually is done throught the credit card company, Visa or Mastercard. BofA is a seller of credit cards but we are actually selling Visa and Mastercard products. So anything other than making payments on your card must be done through them, not BofA. The number for your credit card servicer is on the back of each of your credit cards. If you end up talking to someone without the authority to help you, ask them to escalate you to a supervisor. Hope this is helpful.
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    Mike, just to clarify -- the credit cards are issued by B of A for VISA and MC, true enough, but you owe the funds to B of A so any negotiation on payments must be made through B of A's credit card department. If you have cards originally issued through Charles Schwab, there is a different FIA department who you would deal with. Negotiating a settlement amount on credit cards that you are current is is probably not going to happen. Most of these types of settlements are only on cards that are severely delinquent. I do agree that you will get the most personal assistance in a banking center but don't contact VISA International or MasterCard directly in reference to your balances owed; they will simply direct you back to B of A.