verify checking account

verify checking account
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  • Q: Do you mean how to verify a checking account? Could you provide more details please

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    ????? Can you be more specific ??
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      If you want to know somebody's account status , confidential , bank will not give you that type of information .
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    The best way to verify a checking account is to have the number. This can be done at the banking center.
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    If you need to verify whether or not a customer banks with a bank, you can provide them the account number and ask if it is open and active.
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    You can call banking center and ask to verify for checking account number.

    They will likely to respond with "Account status verification systems give you the status of the account as of the beginning of the business banking day. They tell you if there is an open active account at that bank and if the check is likely to clear. Status messages such as closed account, NSF, stop payment or invalid account can help determine if a check or ACH transaction will be good."