open account in cayman

open account in cayman
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    Henki, you need to follow following steps to open an account in cayman island.

    1. Call Bank of America, in the Cayman Islands to get the requirements to open a Cayman bank account. Requirements will include a passport, proof of ID and evidence of how you will fund the account. Check what minimum opening deposit is needed. Private banks will require substantial deposits. Get an application pack mailed.

    2. Read the application pack carefully. You need to be able to comply with the requirements to open a Cayman bank account. Complete the application form. Check you have all the documents required and the deposit. Documents must be originals.

    3. Mail the application form, documents and deposit to the bank. Use secure mail. If your chosen bank has a branch office in the United States, either mail everything to the branch office, or visit the bank in person if conveniently located. Your application and documents will be checked. Your ID will be verified. The bank may request a credit reference. Documents mailed will be returned. You will receive written confirmation that your account is open, together with account details. This may take two or three weeks.

    Note: Ensure you comply with local banking regulations at all times. Penalties may be severe. Check the rules on money transfers with your Cayman bank. There may be requirements to declare amounts above certain limits.

    This is the website link, where licensed bank in cayman island listed.

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