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I asked the bank to word a special needs trust precisely as instructed by lawyer.

I asked the bank to word a special needs trust precisely as instructed by lawyer. It was supposed to state "trust dated 11-8-12, and any amendments thereto. Instead they put "trust U/A 11-8-12, and any amendments thereto. I know U/A means under agreement, however that changes the precise wording of the special needs trust. Can I insist and the bank word it in the way I asked, which is the how the lawyer suggested?
Sharon asked this question 1 year ago
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    Hi Sharon,
    You sure can. Sometimes the bankers do take shortcuts.
    It would be best to provide the document so that they can see the exact wording.
    Any updates wont reflect immediately.

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    Just as quick question, Sharon, have you asked the attorney about the difference? As "U/A" refers to the date of a trust and, as most banks title accounts according to the directives of their legal departments, it may be your attorney will advise you the title is good as is. And a phone call to the attorney's office is probably easier and quicker then another trip to the bank.
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    • S
      The attorney wants it precisely as the trust document states, "dated" not "U/A". It seems to be more about naming the trust at the bank with the "exact" name of the trust. The name of the trust for example is: Jane Doe, Trustee of the John Doe Special Needs Trust dated 00-0-2012, and any amendments thereto. The name differentiates it from other Trusts of the same name, so both the bank account and the SN Trust document need to be titled the same. I've already been to the bank, I was told the computer automatically enters U/A when a date is entered. They changed it, no problem. Thank you
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    Hi Sharon,

    Yes you can get it amended as per your requirement again. Just ask them that you're not comfortable with this and they'll change it for you.

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    Off course you can change the wordings of your documents and ask them to change is as per you specified.

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    Hi Sharon,

    You can definitely get your name/title updated on your account as per your requirements. Just provide the legal documents, in this case your trust documents and the bank would correct it.
    Call 1.800.669.6607 to know more.
    A change can be effected within 10 business days of receipt of all required documentation.
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    You can definitely request to have the changes made to the titling of the account.