I applied for a loan modification a year ago.

I applied for a loan modification a year ago. I paid a lesser amount of mortgage payments for 4 months last year then continued to pay as normal. After not hearing anything for so long and how this was affecting my credit, I decided to cancel the modification, then received foreclosure notices and was informed that I was 3 months behind in mortgage although I never missed a payment. I can't get anyone to call me back or talk to me. What can I do?
Regina asked this question 3 years ago
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    Contact your case manger and or his/her supervisor - see if they will help -- keep paying your mortgage and if you can not get any where with your case manager, contact hud:

    Philadelphia Regional Office
    The Wanamaker Building
    100 Penn Square East
    Philadelphia, PA

    Regional Administrator

    Phone (215) 656-0500
    Fax (215) 656-3445
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