how long does it take a check to clear when it is deposited in my checking account?

how long does it take a check to clear when it is deposited in my checking account?
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    It depends on the check . If its BOA check , will clear in 1 day and most likely deposit to your account . Other banks check will credited in 1 business days too but , it depends on your relationship with the bank if its a fairly new account takes 8-10 business day depends on your account status and the amount of the check . Example , if you have a new account or you don't have enough money to cover the check , you will wait for few days to clear
    Please go to your branch ask them before deposit , they will tell you if the hold will necessary or exactly how long would it be . Than consider to deposit or not but , think about actually that's the best way to get a relationship with the bank ...

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    When a check is deposited into your checking account, it will be cleared by the next business day. If there are any longer holding periods, you would be noticed on your deposit receipt or there would be a notice sent home to you. In the future, if you need the funds quicker than the check clearing period, cash the check and deposit into the account as cash.

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    Many banks arrange checks received on the same day so that the largest checks are paid first and the smallest checks are paid last.

    Once received, a check passes from the payee's bank to the Federal Reserve and then on to the drawee bank for payment. This process can take up to 11 days if banks are in different parts of the U.S. Misdirected checks can take weeks to process.

    The order that banks post checks in only affects people who write checks for amounts that exceed their account balances. However, some banks do not post credits until after checks, and this can cause checks to bounce. Some banks post all credits before taking out debits, but other banks give account holders credit for only electronic deposits before funds are withdrawn to cover checks and other debits. These banks post other deposits, such as check deposits last, so even though the account did not appear to go negative, it did go negative during the posting process. This enables banks to charge overdraft fees.

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    please check with local branch before depositing check into your account.
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    When you deposit a check it will be cleared on the next business day wherein money will be in your account.
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    Manson666 is correct.
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    From what I am understanding, you deposit a check and you wanted to make sure the funds from the check won't bounce?

    If you do it on a Friday, it will take at least 4 days.
    If you do it on a Monday, it will take at least 3 days if it's chase, wells or other major banks. The factors that delay or make a check take longer to clear are, it's distance from your bank. Is it a credit union that it is drawn off of? Is the funds in US dollars?

    If the check you deposit is a BOA check, it will clear immediately.