how do i find out my bank account and routing number without a check

how do i find out my bank account and routing number without a check
jacenta asked this question 3 years ago
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    If you log into and click on your checking account there will be a link to the left that says show account number. After that if you search for aba routing number and type in the state that you opened you account it will give you two choices for routing number. The first will be a local state routing number for direct deposit/ach/online transfers. The second will be a nation wide routing number for wire transfers.

    The second option is if you call customer service at 800-432-1000 and provide your debit card number as well as answer 2-3 security questions.

    The third solution is to go into a branch and present a debit/credit card and a photo ID
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    If you have online banking, you could find it there.
    Your old statements will have your account number.

    You can always call the local branch to find out about your account number. They will ask you about your recent transaction, address, social and birthday as a verification.

    Here is a link to find your routing number. Just change the state to where you are in.
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    here just enter your state, you get routing number.