how can I verify funds on a check

how can I verify funds on a check
cathy asked this question 3 years ago
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    If you want to make sure the check is good , basically go to bank to cash it instead of depositing to your bank ... Teller will tell you if the funds a available or not .... Sometimes customer has overdraft protection
    and even there is no money in the account , because of that protection
    bank will pay you ...

    Simply go to the branch and just ask for it

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    Since associates aren't allowed to share details of a customer's account, the only sure way is to take the check to a Bank of America branch and present the check. You can attempt to verify over the phone and might get an associate to verify funds with a "yes" or "no" but it's not a guarantee. Best of luck, Cathy!
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    very simply call 800-432-1000. WHen the automated message comes up say verify funds and you can have this taken care of.
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    The best thing to do is to go into a banking center. Verifying funds doesn't guarantee the check is good. For instance sometimes people's account can have money but their account status is 'no check activity' meaning they have put stop payments on all checks or their account is in fraud.
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    call and tell the person who answers that you would like to verify funds drawn on an account at that bank. The account number on the check is the number along the bottom of the check that has a symbol at the end of it that looks like two short horizontal lines with a dot at the upper right of the second line. Read the account number on the check to the clerk, who will ask for the name on the account and the amount of the check.