Can I cash a money gram without having an account there

Can I cash a money gram without having an account there
Patricia asked this question 3 years ago
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    You can go anywhere to cash that check with a fee go to to find out the nearest location near you .
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    Yes, you can cash it without any moenygram account.
    Once you get in moneygram store, sign your name to the designated field on the back of the check and wait in line for the next teller.

    Give the teller the check and your state-issued ID and she will be able to complete your transaction.

    MoneyGram checks can also be deposited into your account but there is usually a waiting period while the check clears so you will not be able to access the funds immediately.

    Some MoneyGram locations may have limits on the check amounts. It is a good idea to call ahead to avoid confusion.

    Some MoneyGram checks allow transfers to a second party. Read the check details on the back side and if this the case, you can also sign the check over to a friend or relative to cash for you.
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    Yes moneygrams can be cashed at any retail branch. There is a $6 dollar non customer fee for this however.
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    Moneygrams can't be cash without an account. The only things that can be cashed without having an account are checks drawn from BoA or federal treasury and travelers check. Federal checks cost $6 to cash and traveler's checks are free.

    BUT.. what you can do is
    1. sign the moneygram over to someone that has an account. When you do this, you have to be there with ID. Signing over a check is an exception the bank makes therefore the teller will always call someone over. If your friend's account has enough to cover the moneygram, then the answer is yes and the friend's account has to be at least a year old. IF the moneygram is over $500, chances are the answer will be no. The bank supervisors will see it as too much of a risk.
    2. Deposit the moneygram in someones account through an atm if you don't have ID.
    3. Write "parent of a minor" on the back of the check and have someone that has a BOA account cash it.

    If the bank doesnt work out, your options are check cashing places like Walmart.

    Honestly, getting traveler's check is always a better idea, they don't require ID and are FREE to cash.
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    No, you cannot cash a money gram at Bank of America without having an account there. You can try other local banks but I would be very surprised if any of hem were willing to cash it. You can try the suggestions of SUPERME but if they don't work you will have to go to a money gram
    Location or a check cashing location.

    Hope that helps!
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    I am with the last cannot cash the moneygram without an account...