what does the red x mean on att uverse?

what does the red x mean on att uverse????? I have unplugged and re plugged my box and it still is going to the red X?? I can get tv on my wireless receivers but not my main box. What do I do??
Anthony asked this question 3 years ago
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    Instructions courtesy of Former_ATT_TSR_Vin @ here.

    The Gear:
    One gear indicates that it is downloading an update, two gears indicate that it is installing an update. When a white bar begins to fill across the bottom, it indicates progress for either screen. Occasionally it will halt for five minutes on the double gear screen before proceeding. If it locks up on these screens for longer than 45 minutes (although it shouldn’t freeze for more than 10), then hold in the power button on the receiver to restart it.

    The Red X
    Screens indicate various errors depending on any dots being next to them.


    Red X:

    Receiver is unable to capture an IP address
    The fully qualified domain names were unable to resolve
    Inadequate information is provided to the sync server

    Red X + 1 Dot:

    File input/output errors
    Coding exceptions

    Red X + 2 Dots

    Receiver is unable to initialize the Secure Core
    Receiver is unable to format storage using high level format

    Red X + 3 Dots

    Receiver is unable to connect to the Sync server
    Receiver is unable to retrieve bootstrap IP address
    Receiver is unable to connect or log in to Upgrade server

    Actions to Take:

    Hold down to power button on the receiver for 5 seconds to soft reboot it.

    Do NOT let an agent roll a truck to your location for a Red X with no dots screen until they have performed a process called Adding Bootstrap Servers. I’ve -never- had to dispatch a technician on a regular Red X screen because I perform this step. If the agent does not know how to perform it, advise them to read the CMS/MDC article, which is article number 6681. They’ll connect to your Gateway and make the appropriate adjustments.
    NOTE: According to Tier II, the above procedure for Adding Bootstrap Servers is no longer valid. Most likely you WILL get a truck roll for the 1 Red X, and have your STB/DVR replaced. :-( spd2demun, 7.18.08.YMMV/YRMV :-)

    For the Client Initialization Error screen, you power cycle the receiver and see if it comes back. If it doesn’t and this is happening on all receivers, you power cycle the gateway. For this, make sure you have the Bootstrap Servers added before a truck is rolled. Once again, I’ve -never- had a tech dispatched to solve this issue. Hope this helps out a bit.

    Or the Link:
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    Tony do you have A phone cord in the receiver and the modem?
    • Anthony
      This was set up by the AT&T tech only a year ago and he ran a whole new line because he couldn't use the existing line
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      Okay Tony the red x tells me something isn't connected correctly so I suggest calling AT&T U-verse at 1-800-288-2020 to further troubleshoot and fix this issue
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    Tony on your main box open door on it hit reset red button let it recycle and let it finish see if it will work. If not call Uverse support 1 800-288-2020. Thank you!