my sim card is not being recognized

my sim card is not being recognized
Ryan asked this question 3 years ago
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    Ryan you may need a new sim card or it's not being put in correctly you can call AT&T customer care tomorrow to help see at 1-800-331-0500

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    IF all else fails, you should go to the AT&T store so they can give you a new sim card. Sim cards are free and they would be able to get you up and running immediately.
    You can call customer service at 1-800-331-0500 and they will ship you a sim but if you want it immediately you should go to the store.

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    Take the sim card out, carefully wipe off the connectors and put it back in. If it still reads the error, you will need to go to the store or call customer service to get a new sim card.

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    if all was going swell prior, then I suggest you pull out the battery and the sim, blow in the area where that card sits and rub the sim between your fingers to clean off. (cingular used to suggest that people clean their sims with a pencil eraser). make sure the sim goes back in the same way it came out and replace battery and power up. If not recognized was there any new equipment purchases or are you using an old sim ??? If you want the definitive test, put the sim in another phone and if it fires up you will know it is not the sim but the phones ability to read the sim. Many times the above exercise will remedy the issue as sims just need to be reseated.

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    I would also try pulling out the battery and putting it back in sometimes this helps
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    Hi Ryan,

    There could be a few reasons as to why the SIM card is not readable.

    It could be the SIM card is dirty and needs a quick cleaning. Simply take the SIM card out and take a pencil eraser to the gold contacts. Give it a quick and very easy brushing. Blow in the phone where the SIM card goes to get rid of any dust.

    Second, it could be the SIM card is defective. SIM cards don't have a certain lifespan (I have seen them last 6 months and 16 years). This is usually what happens and can easily be fixed by visiting an AT&T company owned store for a free replacement.

    Third, it could be the software in the phone causing a SIM reading error. To correct this, while the phone is on remove the battery. Leave the battery out for about 2-3 minutes and then put it back in and turn the phone on. If the device still does not read the SIM, get a replacement SIM first. If that doesn't work the device will need to be replaced. If it is under warranty, give them a call at 800-801-1101. If the device is not under warranty, see if you are eligible to upgrade or get a prepaid phone with a SIM on your number and account (again free of charge).