My sim card is locked up and i need a PUK code to unlock it

My sim card on my lg phone is locked up and it says i need a PUK code to unlock it what is the PUK code?
Cailey asked this question 4 years ago
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    From a land line phone call 18003310500 or call 611 from another att cell phone. Provide them your phone number and the ACCOUNT HOLDERS last 4 digits of their social security number. Tell them exactly what you asked me, they have the puk code for your phone number. This is NOT guaranteed to resolve the issue but it should. Worst case, if it doesn't, you'll have to go to a corporately owned att store to have them replace your sim card. At a corporately owned store, sim cards are free. At privately owned stores, they're $25.
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    Hi Cailey,

    There are two ways you can get the SIM card PUK code. First is you can log on to and search for the PUK code. The website will advise you the PUK code which is 8 numbers long. If that code does not work (there are 2 per SIM) you will have to contact customer service at 800-331-0500 to get the code.
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    if you call customer care they will tell you to go to the store. When you go to the store they will see that they need to find the pun code and put it in. You can also just get another sim card
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    actually cuts service at 611 or 18003310500 they can get the puk for u if an agent does not give you the number its becuase its not an smart one so ask for a supervisor lol they will give it to you as long as you can verify the account and that you are the owner or user of the line. if you can get this done you can go to an att cor store and the will give it for free a new sim card or any retail for $25 also custmer care can send you a replacement sim by the phone for free they might charge the shipping but if you insist they can give it for free but it will take up to 3 days to get to your place. and yes also you can find this at the website if you already have your account if not register. theres many things you can do on the web self service options are great . hope it helps
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