my samsung galaxy s2 stopped receiving texts messages, i can send them but not receive them, what...

my samsung galaxy s2 stopped receiving texts messages, i can send them but not receive them, what should i do?
Austin asked this question 3 years ago
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    Austin, have you tried pulling the battery on your phone? Also have you done a full phone restart? Sometimes your phone glitches and won't work because something hangs up. Give this a try and if you experience further issues you can visit your local AT&T store or call 1-800-331-0500 to have troubleshooting done on your phone.

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      Phones today are just like mini computers. Sometimes you've just got to reboot them.
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      i pulled the battery out of my phone for 30-45 minutes, then i plugged it back in and it still didnt work. if i full phone restart my phone, is there any way i can keep all of my music and pictures?
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      Austin, another trick that sometimes works is if you can put your current SIM card in a completely different phone, send a text message from that phone and also have one sent to you and then replace your SIM card in your S2. I know this sounds weird, but it will sometimes resend the registration to your phone and fix the problem.
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      I'll be able to do that when my brother gets home with his phone. but just in case that doesnt work, how could i save my pictures and music if i have to do a full restart?
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      Because you are running on the android system, most times you can plug your phone into your computer and it will appear as a "flash drive" or "external drive" when you look inside of "My Computer". You can make a folder and copy all of the files inside of that drive to make a backup. Keep in mind though this won't backup settings, just things such as music, pictures, and other things you have saved to the phone. I hope this helps!
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      it really did! thank you very much!
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    Take out the battery and sim card and then wait a minute. Then put them back in the phone and power it on. Then try sending a text message to a friend or your self. If it don't work then you will need technical support but you will have to call customer service tomorrow since they are closed on Sunday. The number is 8003310500 and call from a phone other than your phone since they will trouble shoot your phone
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    Austin try rebooting your phone by turning if off then back on and if that doesn't work take the battery out then turn it back on of course. If that doesn't work call customer service tomorrow to further troubleshoot your issue 1-800-331-0500
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    you probably have no storage for the messages that are received. You should delete all old messages as well as the sent folder and the inbox if you have too many. Some phone manufacturers only alot a certain amount of space for the individual functions and some just have global storage space. If you need to save any of the messages just forward them to your email address and you will have a copy. The other reason you could not send would be if you changed the message center number inside of the settings menu. That number is static and does not change with the person. EVERYONE in the west has the same message center number. If you have a Galaxy s2 the steps for checking this are:

    Messaging Settings
    To configure the settings for text messages, multimedia
    messages, Voice mails, and Push messages.
    1. From the main Home screen, tap Messaging ?
    ? Settings.
    2. The following Messaging settings are available:
    • Message font size: allows you to set the size of your message text
    to Normal, Small, or Tiny.
    • Split view: allows you to enable split view when you have the
    phone in landscape orientation.
    • Delete old messages: deletes old messages when the limit is
    reached, rather than having them overwritten.
    • Text message limit: allows you to set a limit on how many text
    messages can be in one conversation.
    • Multimedia message limit: allows you to set a limit on how many
    multimedia messages can be in one conversation.
    • Manage SIM card messages: allows you to manage the
    messages that you have stored on your SIM card.
    • MESSAGE CENTER: allows you to enter the number of your message
    center where your messages reside while the system is attempting
    to deliver them.

    You will be able to get the correct number if this is a setting that you changed.

    Once you clear out old messages and make any menu changes you can test by sending the word TEST to the number 151 and the tower will come back with "Thank-you for choosing AT&T, messaging is working on your account"