i need a unlock code for a galaxy s

i need a unlock code for a galaxy s
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    To unlock your phone you will need your imei code by typing *#06# on your AT&T phone. Wright down the numbers & call customer service @ 8003310500. Tell the rep that you need an unlock code. They will ask for the imei and your email address. You should get an email in 5 to 7 buissness days as long as your not in contract or suspended. The email you get will contain unlock code and instructions on how to use it. Now if they don’t get it to you then there are other ways such as ebay, cellphoneunlock.net, cellunlocker.net, unlockitnow.com and there might be a local repair shop in your town that will perform this as well.t of contract and in good standing. Here is the instructions if she is or if you have a friends who have AT&T account who is out of contract and in good standing. Here is a LINK that can help: https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/client/en_US/


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      "A PUK (PIN Unlock Key) code is required to unlock SIM cards that have become locked following three successive incorrect PIN entries. If your SIM card becomes locked, you will need to get a PUK code from AT&T to unlock your SIM card.

      You can obtain your phone's PUK code from AT&T in one of these ways:

      Log in to your myAT&T online account
      Use our Technical Support Chat
      Contact Customer Care at 800.331.0500
      Find the PUK Code for your phone online
      Go to the My Phone/Device page in myAT&T.
      From the My Phone/Device screen, select the Unblock SIM Card link under Manage my phone/device.
      The Unblock SIM screen will display your PUK code and will give you instructions for unblocking your SIM Card.
      Once you receive your PUK code, you will need to enter it into your phone to set a new PIN code.


      If you enter the wrong PUK code 10 times in a row, your SIM card will be invalidated, and will display an error message: PUK ..."

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    To unlock your phone. There are two ways we can get the unlock code for your phone. First is online which can be done at www.att.com/deviceunlock. The second is to contact us directly at 800-331-0500.

    Typically AT&T can get the unlock code for about 95% of the new and existing devices over the phone right away. To do this they will need the IMEI number on the device which is located under the battery, or you can type *#06# and it will display on the screen.

    Once we have that we will research the device to make sure it was not reported as lost/stolen or is on an account with a past due balance (or cancelled for non-payment) and also make sure the device is out of contract (if applicable to the previous acct). This takes about 5-10 minutes on the phone.

    If the phone is eligible to be unlocked we will give you (or email if done online) the instructions and unlock code for the device. If we do not have the code, we can file a case to contact the manufacturer of the device and get the information from them. Usually the only problems we have are with Nokia and some Motorola devices, the others we usually have the codes.

    Device Lock code vs. SIM PIN vs. PUK code Device Lock codes, SIM PINs, and PUK codes have to do with the security and functionality of your wireless phone.
    Device Lock code
    A Device Lock code is a security code on devices that prevents unauthorized use. Some devices have a preprogrammed code from the manufacturer and others have a user-defined code. For more information on locking and unlocking your device, refer to your device User Manual.
    Download the User Manual for your device
    1. Visit the Device How-To Center.
    2. Click the Select Your Device link in the upper-left corner of the page to choose a device brand and model.
    3. With your device type set, scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll find a link to download the User Manual for your phone under Guides, Manuals & More.
    A SIM PIN is a four to eight digit code that is used to prevent unauthorized use of a SIM card. The default PIN for an AT&T SIM card is 1111. When the SIM PIN is enabled, the security option follows the SIM card if the card is moved from one device to another. If you enter the incorrect PIN for your device three times, the SIM card will lock, and you will need to get a PUK code from AT&T to unlock your SIM card.

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    Let me make this quick and short, to unlock your phone call 1 800-331-0500 and they will give you the specifics to what qualifies so you can get the unlock code. Thank you!
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    If the device is not branded at&t, you will need to contact the company who the phone belongs to for the network unlock code. (ex. T-Mobile) Once that is done just put in your sim card.If the phone is asking for PUK code then you can call ccare by 1-800-331-0500 to get the code and assistance in entering it and ensuring the phone works. However if the phone is locked from a personal pin (aka a keypad lock) check online forums as no one would have the pin, unless maybe it's still a default that some phones already have programmed,and you will have to find a way around it or contact the manufacturer of the phone, which they will want you to send the phone to them and charge you to redo it. But there are people who have found tricks around those locks, best bet is to google the phone type and search forums.