I need a PUK code for my Go phone!

I am locked out of my Go Phone and I need the PUK code...

I tried to put in a Pin number to be able to lock my phone but I just guessed that it would be the standard four zeros (0000) but it locked my out of my phone on the 3rd try. Now it's locked my out and is asking for a PUK code. Can anyone please tell me what a PUK code is and how do I get one that will work for my phone. I only have 10 tries and then my sim card will be locked forever!
Adrienne asked this question 4 years ago
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    You can call customer service and get your puk code from them. It's sim card specific, you are correct that after 10 tries it's permanently locked, but you can always get a new one!
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    PUK stands for pin unlock code and is definitely sim specific but you might be able to get it online if you registered your number and manage your account. 611 will definitely be able to give it to you and right then and there you pick a new code. Better remember that one or the same thing will happen and the PUK2 will be requested, which you will have to call customer service for.
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