how do you activate a AT&T gophone sim card?

how do you activate a AT&T gophone sim card?
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    If it has never been activated, call gophone at 1-800-901-9878 and they can activate it over the phone. If you didn't purchase minutes at a store, you can do it over the phone or online with a debit or credit card.

    Option two: take it into a local AT&T store. If you purchased minutes already, take in your receipt/proof of purchase in with you & they can add the time for you as well.

    If you are just replacing an old sim card, customer service can swap it out for you.
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      to clarify - Customer Service and/or the AT&T store can sell you minutes if you didn't purchase them when you first bought the phone.
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    Hello and welcome!!

    To activate your sim card please visit this website..


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    call 800-331-0500 and ask for the pre-paid dept. An agent there can either activate the card or determine if you need a new one hence either sending you to your local AT&T store or sending one thru the mail if that is more convienant