How do I transfer pictures from my at&t Pantech P2030 cell phone to my Gateway PC?

How do I transfer pictures from my at&t Pantech P2030 cell phone to my Gateway PC?
Bill asked this question 3 years ago
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    You would need a USB cable from phone to PC and software that came with phone would help but may not be necessary to transfer pic. But it maybe need to sync if pc doesn't have mobile sync built in.

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    If you have a data cable for your phone you can connect your phone to the computer to transfer photos. You can send photos also via email from your phone to your pc email but that could take forever. You can save the pictures on your phone to a sim card and if you have a USB flash that you can insert your sim card , you can connect that to your computer to copy to computer. These are some ways but if you don't understand how to do these things call tech support at 1-800-331-0500. Thank you very much!
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    hey bill!! you have a few options to get your pics transferred, the first and easiest way would definitely be to get a data cable and connect your phone directly into your pc. the second option would be to get a micro sd memory card if you dont already have one and place it into your phone and transfer your pics to the memory card which you can then put into a computer or take to any picture kiosk and actually print them out. the third option would be to just email them from your phone but you would need to have an internet data plan on your account. hope this helps :)
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    if you use a data cable you will need to ensure you have the media software for the device and there are several of them out there. If you look in the media section of the tutorials you will see the software free download for the media transfers between computer and mobile phone. just like itunes for iphone, there is zoosk,, there is sony, as well as pantech media. If you don't want to do all that you can forward messages to your email address and they send just like an mms. just keep the size of the message under 600,000kbs (approx 600M)