help! my voicemail is not working! it says to enter a code"
cindy asked this question 3 years ago
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    Voicemail cannot be accessed without entering your passcode. Try calling 1-800-331-0500. If you don't know it they can reset it for you. As long as you are authorized on the account.

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    Dial 611 and follow prompts to reset password. That should do it.
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      if says to enter a password or your message center number. if the former then reset password by following the prompts and you should be able to access. if you are using a smart phone and have regular vm then just ensure that account has the proper feature in the account. if you have vvm (visual voicemail) then you will have to do this each time you update your software or change out your phone. have it reset then you enter any 4 digits and save. that should be the last time it asks for a password unless you have that option selected in the account preferences.
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    If its asking you for a code that you don't know, then you will have to call 1 800 331-0500
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    you can also get your voicemail code by 611 through prompt without help of agent or you can always speak to an agent who can reset for you