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Do iMessages show up on your phone bill?

Do iMessages show up on your phone bill? Like the time you sent it and the number you sent it to?
Alexa asked this question 2 years ago
  • AT&T Wireless • 65 answers • 71% helpful

    Alexa, unfortunately iMessage is considered "data transfer" and a phone number and timestamp are not available. Only SMS messages are "tracked" with a phone number, date, and time.

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    Alexa no not on A bill only the number that the text was sent to both on your bill and your usage detail report online
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  • AT&T Wireless • 5128 answers • 95% helpful

    They are billed as data, but you no longer get to see the phone numbers or a count of sent/recived between iOS devices. If you must know who is texting whom, disable iMessage in the phones you wish to track, and add parental lock to prevent monitored person from changing setting back.
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    • AT&T Wireless • 1837 answers • 83% helpful

      there is not a log that will list them because it is an iOS thing and not a billing system at at&t thing. You can tell which ones are iMessages due to the color of the bubble the text sits in. Blue is an iMessage and green is at&t messaging. You are able to keep track of these by adding a field to contact list that reminds you that iMessaging is enabled with this person or that person.
      I have iMessages and there is not even any inkling that messaging with other iOS folks is available.