Do I *have* to use my AT&T router for my AT&T U-verse internet connection or can I trade it out...

Do I *have* to use my AT&T router for my AT&T U-verse internet connection or can I trade it out for a router that comes with a smart tv? Or is the smart tv router required *in addition* to the AT&T router? A Wireless-N Dual-Band HD Router for a Vizio Smart TV is what I am looking at, if that makes any difference ...
JKF asked this question 3 years ago
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    Yes and no. Obviously for the TV portion of the U-Verse you must use the supplied gateway/router. I use a Linksys 16 port Gigibit switch as well as an Apple Time Capsule to allow me to connect more devices. So, yes you can connect other routers to distribute your Internet signal throughout your home and whatever devices you may have. I hope that helps.

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      Sorry, it didn't occur to me to specify that I don't have subscription TV with U-verse (or any other carrier) ~ I only have DSL internet via U-Verse & will keep it that way ~ I'll use the Smart TV for streaming movies off of Netflix, but I'm just not clear about coordinating equipment or if I can do away altogether with the AT&T modem/router.

      I can hook pretty much anything up that's meant to work together, I'm just not savvy with the lingo &/or the specs of it all.

      Thanks for your answer & I look forward to more of your valuable input.
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      If you have any more questions or answers to set up call the AT&T Tech line at 1-800-288-2020. Thank you!
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      Thanks for the help!
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    Hey JFK,

    Most Vizios that I've worked with just work off of our routers. Just go to the network settings on the vizio tv via the menu button and enter the Wireless network key off the side of our modem and it'll connect just fine.

    If you wish to use your own router you may do that instead.

    Thanks for using Insidr,


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