Can I bundle my 4 cell phones, dish and my internet?

Can I bundle my 4 cell phones, dish and my internet?
Manuel asked this question 3 years ago
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    Yes you can call 1 800 CALL-ATT to set it up

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    Hey Manuel,

    ATT has it's own bundle called Uverse. With Uverse you can bundle your tv, internet, and home phone. You can also bundle Directv with Uverse home phone and internet. As far as I know you cannot bundle Dish with Uverse or bundle cell phones with Uverse or home phone and internet.

    If I'm wrong I'm sure the other Insidr's will correct me.

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    Tech man has the right ideas, except i believe we no longer service with direct tv anymore, i think it is now U verse but as listed above please call at&t or visit at&t online through the website.
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    I think we now use Dish Network instead of DirecTV.
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    Direct TV is available to bundle but must be done from their side and not att side. I am sure that DISH is the same way, however it uverse is available to you, att will push that you switch. Contact DTV or DISH and ask the question.
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    Most certainly, call 800-331-0500 and let them know you want combined is a little bit of a process so allow yourself some time........