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are deleted text messages still not retrievable?

are deleted text messages still not retrievable?
dickson asked this question 2 years ago
  • AT&T Wireless • 4070 answers • 92% helpful

    No they aren't able to be pulled back or your not able to get deleted messages back. But there are third party vendors tgat specialize in data pull from cell phones. The deleted messages can't be old just a day or so. You can google this in the Internet . Good luck.

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  • AT&T Wireless • 143 answers • 96% helpful

    Correct. Once the text is deleted there is no way to retrieve it. It does not get saved to any servers.

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    This is not going to help if the message is already deleted, but you can try utilizing the cloud to backup the messages to or send a copy of each one to your email address for perusal later. you can always delete the email to manage. The other way is to blind bcc yourself and that way an extra copy of the message gets sent to you as well again, but that is a little redundant (i think). The only way to keep a record of WHAT was discussed would be to create a transcript of the messages and same them to email address. It is very simply done by forwarding messages to your email address instead of to a number (for example). This will change an SMS to an MMS but with unlimited messaging it will not matter. You also do NOT need to have a data feature on the account to do this. You just would not be able to view your emails from the phone, but from the computer...

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    text messages can be retrieved with cell phone forensic software or taking the phone to a professionsl,
  • AT&T Wireless • 1105 answers • 91% helpful

    dickson once a txt message has been deleted it might go to a deleted folder on some phones. if you phone has one you can go and retreive it from there but on the average no they are not retrievable.