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I need to fly from MCI to PDX 4/28 (tomorrow) or lateset 4/29 and would stay until 5/2.

I need to fly from MCI to PDX 4/28 (tomorrow) or lateset 4/29 and would stay until 5/2. I have airefare watchdog alerting me of cheaper pricing, pricieline is sending me emails to keep trying I cant budge on the cost. I bid 200.00 and with taxes that is 251.00. Also, I have 24,000 points with Delta they want 40,000. at 70.00 for every 2,00 miles this i not an option however they have the crossroads program with Starwood Preferred guest who I have 24,000 points with. I have linked the account however have been told it takes 48 hours to see the combined total. I am out of time. Do you have suggestions.
Steven asked this question 11 months ago
  • TH3

    Airline Captain with 25 years experience in domestic and international operations.

    Here are a couple of suggestions:
    First, the availability on the flights is much better tomorrow than today, but hang onto that Priceline bid for now.
    Second, if you have the Delta Skymiles Amex card, there is a special program where you can pay for a portion of your ticket with Skymiles (at 10,000 per $100), but that won't get you below $250, just closer.
    It looks like the cheapest fare today is around $668, but tomorrow there are some combos listed for $511.
    If you can wait for tomorrow, the first three departures (6:05, 7:00, 9:15) have the best availability for both of the legs. There is another at 5:42 pm that is next best, and that one may give you the time you need to talk to a Starwood rep in person to see about combining the miles more quickly. Also, those first three tomorrow will also be your best bet for a Priceline bid.
    I'm sorry I can't offer any better options, but your current strategy is a good one. Keep after Starwood to see if they can expedite the mileage combo.
    Best of luck,


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  • Dynasty

    I am a retired PURSER and LANGUAGE QUALIFIED FLIGHT ATTENDANT (Italian and French) I was in service for...

    Dear Steven, I have no suggestions for the rules and regulations of Delta and starwood perferred . I would only suggest that you try to delay your flight until tomorrow to give them time to respond.


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  • QikSilver

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    You can do a transfer Starwood points using from loyalty programs to airlines but everything cost ... there's a cost to transfer miles. charges 30.00 for the transfer and 7.5% Federal tax.
    If Delta's program is like American, if you are doing a mileage transfer,
    AAdvantage Customer Service would allow the customer to place their account in the negative to book a flight before the miles were deposited. You need to make note of your confirmation number.

    If you are traveling for a medical emergency or death, Delta may have a compassion fare as well.

  • WonderKaty

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    Maybe some of these sites will be able to help

  • Fly by Night and Day

    3 Decades of Experience working for United Airlines!

    No. Your situation is very complicated and I agree that you are out of time. Don't stress anymore because I assume this won't be your last trip and you can use the benefits another time. Life is too short to let these companies control you. Best of luck!

    • S


      You and another individual who "get it" or "understood the intricacies and levers needed to be pulled for mileage programs" were very helpful. Simple answers like changing itenarary and look for seating availability or like you said, just to let it all go which I was juuuusssttt about to LOL. Just so happens the both of you work or have worked for United Airlines. Come to find the DELTA/SPG Crossover program only places miles/points when you use either product. They have not become "fee" free interchangeable. I was chasing a rabbit down a hole. I assumed based on logic of their previous partnerships, combined offers their new push was full integration. Why not? The Crossover program ONLY does this: gives miles to Delta if you stay at a SPG hotel and visa versa. This does give value to their programs however....Why not make it easily interchangeable. My father traveled everywhere as an internal auditor for AT&T/Lucent/Western Electric. He earned over a million miles through Continental and more through Marriott Rewards. I totally forgot United took on the legacies of CA OnePassers. After speaking with the front line customer service I thought gloom and doom again. Sidenote: No offense I work in the Call Center industry/ there is a role for outsourcing overseas for call center operations however all agents should be intelligible English speakers. Sorry about that, anyway I was transferred to MileagePlus and received extraordinary customer service. I was given considerations, advice and all 3 agents I spoke with took ownership and executed. I am flying out in 8 hours on 25,000 points and 85 bucks.

      United Airlines just earned a loyal customer. Thank you!
    • Fly by Night and Day